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How G Suite customers can take advantage of Google search with Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search , formerly known as Google Springboard, comes to G Suite. And it does it in the best way possible: increasing the possibilities of all Google applications, such as Gmail or Docs, which you already had before with your G Suite package.
The search for information is the bottleneck that many workers face. Hours and hours wasted in searches of documents, instead of doing the corresponding work. Google Cloud Search is the tool that has been born to solve this waste of time, making businesses more efficient places.
But, what exactly Google Cloud Search consists of? What services does it provide? From google apps reseller, you can take ample of advantages for this new tool.

Search in customized G Suite

Imagine the full potential of the most famous search engine in the world put at your service. That offers Google Cloud Search. In fact, they are the same Google search algorithms, but designed to fit the needs of your company in G Suite. You can contact G suite reseller to get benefits for your business and employees.
Do you need to find an email? The date of a meeting? Turn on the computer or mobile device and enter the search. Soon all the information you need about, what you are looking for, will appear on the screen. There are no longer reasons to misplace documents. Everything is stored in the cloud, available so that, whenever you want, you search and find quickly.
Of course, privacy is one of the most important aspects. In search results, only those data will be displayed, whether documents, meetings or other files, to which the user has access. If there are no permissions, there will be no possibility of access, keeping committed data, safe from inappropriate looks.

Whatever you need, without even asking for it

And it does not just help you search. Google Cloud Search goes one step further and tries to predict what you may need at any given time. Simply open the application to receive suggestions or reminders, displayed with a functional and elegant design of colorful cards. Perfect to stay organized during the day.
Among its many possibilities, Cloud Search announces upcoming meetings and their assistants. It also allows you to resume the writing of documents at the same point where you left them or not to miss any of the emails you receive.
In addition, these cards are adapted to the user. They learn how to improve; to be useful and relevant. Everything directed to improve the efficiency with which to face the daily workload.
People are also in Cloud Search
Goodbye to the address book. Now, your entire company directory is also integrated into Cloud Search. Enter the name of the person you are looking for, to obtain all their contact information: email or telephone. It is possible to call, send an email or start a hangout with a single click, directly from the application. It will also show what documents you share with that person and the events in common. Collaboration between colleagues becomes easier and simpler, which favors the understanding of all users. Contact G suite reseller to enjoy best services at affordable prices. Look for best services providers and compare them to get maximum benefits.

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