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What is G suite?

Recently, Google has rebranded Google for Work to G suite, which is a set of intelligent apps offering several great features and benefits for your business. It provides data storage, security, and compliance, which your company needs. The greatest benefit of using G suite is its simple and flexible pricing as well as licensing model. The flexible pricing plan means we do not have the headache of choosing the complex licensing costs and companies. The cost structure of the G suite is pay-as-you-grow so that we have to pay for the employees currently we have rather than overpaying for spare capacity. Afterward, we can add more user licenses in case we hire more employees.

Check Out the Three Different G Suite Payment Pricing

Are you looking for g suite pricing, which formerly known as Google Apps for Work? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Here, we will help you avail all kinds of pricing details of G suite.

Three different payment plans of G suite

Check out the three different google apps pricing mentioned here and pick the right one according to your needs.

Basic - 150 INR/year per user

This professional office suite offers:

Smart shared calendars

Business email via Gmail

30GB cloud storage

Presentations, documents, and spreadsheets

Security and administration controls

24x7 support through online, phone, and email

Business - 600 INR/year per user

This enhanced office suite comes with archiving and unlimited cloud storage. Apart from basic plan features, it also offers:

Video and voice conferencing

Audit reports to track user activity

eDiscovery for chats, email, and files

Enterprise - 1650 INR/year per user

This premium office suite has advanced controls and capabilities along with business suite features.

Data loss prevention for Gmail and Drive

Integrate Gmail with third-party archiving tools

Gmail log analysis in BigQuery

Enterprise-grade access control

The G suite pricing will vary based on the number of licenses acquired such as Google Drive, Gmail, and other Google apps.

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