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Who is a reseller?

Reseller is a company, which purchases products in bulk with the intention of selling instead of using them. Sometimes, it also called as a value-added reseller. Additionally, they sell products at the discount rate from the original price. In the gone days, Google sold its products to the business directly. In 2009, they launched its formal reseller program for its apps. Because of this, the company has received more revenue and customer base. Overall, google apps reseller program provides benefits for Google, reseller, and their clients.

How Purchasing Google Apps from the Reseller Make Sense

As per Google, more than 5million businesses access Google apps for everything. It includes right from email service and cloud file sharing to CRM management. There are plenty of reasons for the popularity of Google apps. However, the major reasons business people choose Google apps is ease of setup and deployment. Since Google has made apps accessible through a reseller, the company makes their clients sign up via g suite reseller and partner. Purchasing G suite and Google apps through reseller add more value to our business. Here, we will explain how buying Google apps from the reseller makes sense.

Reasons to purchase Google apps from the reseller

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing Google apps from reseller is that you can able to access the packages, which includes personalized support during deployment. Alternatively, we can even allow reseller handle it on behalf of us. This works well for the business, which does not have big IT departments yet need the complex system.
Even though setting up gmail and other Google apps are straightforward, when it comes to having a complex business system it needs more planning. Besides, we might need to integrate third-party applications into your system or need custom application development. In such case, the reseller will help us with the application setup and custom app development.
Even we do not require any kind of external assistance for setting our Google apps system we cannot able to ignore the requirements for ongoing support and maintenance. It is always beneficial to sign up with the reseller who can offer training to your users who are unfamiliar with Google apps. On the other hands, some reseller may also provide helpdesk facility.
While Google provides a flat rate for most of the business, resellers often give discounts on the basic Google app packages. Approximately, we will avail 20% flat discount on all the products sold by the resellers.

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