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What is business Gmail?

The business Gmail user is actually defined as one personalized email address such as For Group email, it has aliases such as sales@company and techsupport@yourcompany. It also includes the pricing and these addresses never count as the additional users. Let us explore three levels of Gmail for business pricing.

Explore the Three Levels of Gmail for Business Pricing

Next to iPhone email client, Gmail is the second most popular and highly accessed email client in the world. At present, Gmail has more than 1.2 billion active users and the number is still increasing. Some of the small companies’ access Gmail free version for business communication while others switch to G suite including Gmail for business. Since many users not aware of the gmail for business pricing, we have explained three levels of Gmail for business cost on this page.

Basic edition of Gmail for Business pricing

By spending 150 INR/month per user, the whole team of your company gets the professional email address. In addition, you will also avail the complete G suite including slides, spreadsheets, docs, and much more. Besides, each user obtains 30GB space in the Google drive for using, storing, and sharing filed from any device.

Business edition of Gmail for Business pricing

We will utilize a business version of G suite at 600 INR/month per user. This offers unlimited space in the Google drive, which can be used by more than six users. We also set alerts to identify when the people edit, share or delete files in the drive. Additionally, we will manage records at the administrative level.

Enterprise edition of Gmail for Business pricing

One of the most costly Gmail for business option is enterprise edition that cost 1650 INR/month per user. These google apps for business pricing are quite expensive as it has several security features for Google drive and Gmail such as Gmail DLP (data loss expensive).

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