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Why business email is better than other

Google Apps for Work , Basic Legacy Server like Yahoo, Bigrock ,Indialinks , Rediff or Godaddy 15GB Account , Standard
Rate 1500 per account per year Not Applicable
Rate Fluctuation No No NA
Mail Box Size 30GB 2GB 15GB
Sending limit per account 2000 messages per day per account 300 emails per hour per domain 500 messages per day per account
Aliases 30 NA
Web Client Gmail Round Cube , very lousy Gmail
No of Mailboxes Unlimited Limited Limited
Max storgae Unlimited Limited Unlimited
24x 7 Support Yes No No
99.9% SLA Yes No No
100% Cloud Yes No Yes
Work Anywhere , anytime , any device Very Limited Limited
Collaboration/Drive Yes No Limited
Calendar Yes No Yes
Contatcs Yes No Yes
Mobile Device Management Yes No No
Public Sharing Any platform NA Any platform
Calendar Resource Yes No
Back End Spam Control Yes No No
Custom Routing Yes No No
Content Filteringg Yesg Nog No
Chat Hangout Integration / Video Conferencing Yes No Yes
Reports Exhaustive Very Limited Limited
Blacklist of Email / IP / Domain Rarely Very frequent Rarely
Domain wide Blocking / Approval Yes No No
Admin Managed Groups Yes Less features Yes
User Managed Groups Yes No No
Add Secondary Domains Yes No No
Vault Possible Not Possible Not Possible
Offline Yes No Yes
Email Log Search Yes No No
Temporary Passwords of user account Yes No No
2 step authentication yes no yes
last few sessions / IPs yes no yes
API yes no limited
SSL only Yes No Yes
Data at Rest Encrypted No Encrypted

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